Kawasaki. Revised intake and exhaust ports, longer intake ducts (up from 36.5mm to 41.5mm) and a new intake funnel arrangement, where the inner two trumpets are longer then the outers, all help boost mid-range power. @_alerting.description.part1@_alerting.alert_off.part2 Last service was completed by a racing specialist not a main dealer half the cost (he used genuine Kawasaki parts and I watched him pour in the FULLY synthetic oil. I got my rear wheel dented. And due to the (over) weight, the height is quite a problem too. You'll just have to create an alert to subscribe to these offers and find your motorcycle in the best conditions. Rochdale, Greater Manchester. I would like a bit more bite from the front brakes, not enough to worry about though. Category. The Z800 feels like a rocket off the lights the gearing really helps launch this bike away, lets be honest here most nakeds have a top speed of around 90mph before your neck feels like its being ripped off, and most of us are cruising 90% of the time below 70mph (As Honda keep telling us), and it excels at all those speeds. Probably it just needs some braided lines and they would be much better. Fresh tyres, pads, oil, warranty, Scorpion carbon exhaust and Datatag. Select All, All countriesCanada located listings only, initial price : In this version sold from year 2013 , the dry weight is and it is equiped with a V2, four-stroke motor. Less powerful version of the Z800 designed for A2 … Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 KAWASAKI Z800 800 Published on 19/02/2019 Last seen on 20/04/2019. Once you've read this review and our owners' reviews, you might consider joining an online community to meet likeminded folk with Z800s. Report. Optional extras include a fly screen, crash protection, a single seat unit and undertray. Previously sold by us and in good condition with low miles makes this the one for only £5000 Delivery to any UK mainland address for only £150 In 2017 the Z800 was replaced by the Kawasaki Z900. Sharp under-cowl . ? Now the big issue after about 6k miles the same issue, I put up with it for another 2k miles and after several attempts at lubricating decided on another new cable. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. Delete search. Available from. The ride quality is sumptuous, the motor smooth and there’s power spilling out of it at every rpm. Based on the old Z750R’s steel tubular backbone frame, Kawasaki has added a cast aluminum subframe section running down each the side of the engine and connected by a tube around the front. It really is a fantastic bike. 25 kawasaki abs z800e a2 used on the parking motorcycles, the web’s fastest search for used motorcycleS. Congratulations! Clicca per saperne di più. PRODOTTI ACCESSORI & RICAMBI RACING PROMO E SERVIZI Videos on Kawasaki.eu website We introduced an enhanced privacy mode to prevent YouTube to set cookies on visitors' devices without consent if a page is embedding a video located on YouTube. I had tried lubricating, but after a couple of hundred miles, it returned to its "normal" stiff self. Riding the bike is so addictive, that's why I have done 12k in 6 months. Good luck with your search! Find the motorcycle of your dreams. To boost midrange, the exhaust header pipes are made as long as possible. Naked. As well as a speedo, odemeter, clock, dual trips and engine temperature, the Kawasaki dash now has a fuel gauge, and an eco-meter. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. 97 kawasaki z800 a2 used on the parking motorcycles, the web’s fastest search for used motorcycleS. No extras, just an engine, frame and a rider. Power is up from the Z750’s 105bhp to 111bhp and the overall gearing is shorter thanks to a two teeth bigger rear sprocket (up from 43 to 45). are available. Tyres 2-3 times a year - £400 You can browse all kinds of models and filter your results by a range of relevant criteria including make, model, model year, and mileage. If you want a cheap bike to run then buy a honda CB250!". It's cheaper and protect the engine very well. All you do is outline the tech specs of the bike and changes compared to the Z750. Used kawasaki. Optional ABS. Twin front brake discs are bigger (up from 300mm to 310mm) and gripped by Nissin four-piston calipers. In order to be visible on our site, submit your listing via one of our partner sites. ? Kawasaki Z800E Features and Benefits. Smooth, pokey, classily finished with great all-round balance it’s brisk, sweet-handling and versatile. Save your listingsCreate your account in just a few moments! A2 Restrictable; One Owner; DESCRIPTION. It is a road-purpose tyre but it handles like the M7RR. Personally I think the looks are a work of art, better in the flesh than on any photo. You can safely double the spark plug change interval, especially if you’ve removed the secondary air system. C $ 10 849. surprisingly light for its weight and you can chuck it around with ease so long as you remember to counter steer with confidence otherwise you will be in the scenery, great engine amazing pulling power and midrange torque, engine guards are great, exhaust is a bit pants, Buying experience: The dealer was happy to do a deal and gave me extras for free. We'd suggest the, The Kawasaki Z800 has a Z800e version pictured here, which is suitable for A2 licence holders, Kawasaki Z800 and Z900 Owners' Group on Facebook, Tubular steel spine frame and double-sided swingarm, Single rear shock with adjustable preload and rebound damping, 2 x 310mm discs with four-piston Nissin. Kawasaki Z800e for A2 licence holders The Z800 is now one of those rare bikes that’s beautifully-balanced everywhere – easy and fun to ride. Put the box back skew-whiff and it’ll tell the ECU the bike’s lying on its side, disabling the engine management. Kawasaki's profilation of this bike: For those aspiring to their first machine in the middle weight super-naked category, there is now something truly outstanding on offer in terms of style and specification, the new Z800 e version. Access isn’t too bad to the top of the engine, although you’ll have to move a small black box to get at the fourth spark plug – make sure it goes back the right way up, as this is the bike’s tilt sensor. 6. The price of the Z800 on par with its main Japanese rival: the Suzuki GSR750. Aside form an HPI check to ensure there is no outstanding finance and a look at its service history, the Z800 is a safe used buy. Kawasaki Z800e Performance Edition with 10359 miles on the clock, this is a one owner machine with a full service record. The Kawasaki Z800 e model is a Naked bike bike manufactured by Kawasaki . Detail changes inside the gearbox and clutch mechanism offer more durability and an easier action. These two main changes are responsible for the Kawasaki’s extra grunt out of corners and power all the way through the revs. A really nice bike to ride. Great build quality and attention to detail. The suspension is smooth, feedback is good when cornering, the Pirelli tyres are better than the stock Dunlops, especially in the wet. Aggressive front cowl . You won’t gain much power though. I like your work but this seems like a rushed attempt. The shock is moved 20mm to the left of centre to make way for the new exhaust. Kawasaki Z800 806cc. Common problems include a lack of kit and lots of vibration when riding - both of which can be solved by adding your own extras. Optional ABS. After writing my previous review at 12k miles, would you believe about a week later my clutch cable broke, it had been getting a bit notchy for a while and quite frankly I had learnt to live with it. C $ 12 357 . No offence MCN, but how is this a REVIEW of the bike? As well as being the most refined and sorted Zed we’ve ridden, new riders won’t miss out on the fun, thanks to the A2 licence-friendly Z800e model. Pre Registered Kawasaki Z800 E A2 Compliant machine . The handling on the road is fantastic. Dealer. Sorry, but i can find all these in the Kawasaki website. To watch this video accept the marketing cookies. ? An exhaust upgrade is popular, not just on aesthetic grounds (some people love the standard silencer, but most loathe it), but to save an awful lot of weight. We’re genuinely shocked how good the 2013-2018 Kawasaki Z800 naked is, given how uninspiring the old Z750 was - it’s a fitting tribute to the Zed’s 40th birthday. New and used parts - Genuine service parts aren’t too bad, with an oil filter under £10 and an air filter about £40. Nice, but £700 more than the standard model. : 24 hours after submitting your listing, it will be listed on our site. home. It was due to a hole on the road during Sunday Morning Ride. My up to date comments relate to reliability. The Kawasaki Z800 follows on the footsteps of the old Z750 that made its debut in 2003. So, weight wise, yes its heavy (229kg fully fueled) but it doesn't feel like it, very easy to turn corners, very composed on all types of bumps and very agile, I honestly don't feel that extra weight (well I'm not pushing the boundaries of nurburgring records so frankly I don't care) Delete search. Anyway after having a new clutch cable fitted it was so smooth and effortless, yes loving this bike all over again. We advise you to change it in order to receive your notifications but also recover your password if needed. I have given the rating 4 rather than 5, because my bike does not have ABS, however as far as the ride quality and suspension then I would give 5 out of 5. Never has it put a beat wrong, starts immediately with the push of the button, this is from day one until the present and throughout the winter. Does not burn or drop any oil whatsoever all gaskets are bone dry like brand new. It’s a real joy to ride. 1 miles. Kawasaki Z800 Performance - a few added extras: pillion seat cover, tank pad, dark flyscreen and an Akrapovic exhaust. You would like more alertsand more complex researches? A great engine with really planted handling. There aren’t many in breakers. You can jump on and go to work or take it for a blast, it's equally at home with both. All the competition in the same price range have cable (manual) clutches. By Kawasaki (2015 - 2016) Type Standard. At the same time, many owners remove the secondary air bleed system – Z1000 blanking plates fit, though you’ll also need a plug-in resistor to avoid its absence being flagged up as a fuel injection fault. Merci à David (Dadoo) pour m'avoir prêté sa Z800Ma page Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fa-bike-339153826501613/ I once said to my mechanic, this bike is not cheap to run. Delete search. Getting rid of the air bleed also cuts down the amount of backfiring on the overrun. 30+ days ago. The Kawasaki Z800 is a class act in the ever more competitive ‘middleweight naked’ category. @_alerting.alert_off.part3, Find here all of your available activ alerts on your account. We also provide customized offers allowing you to even better operate our alert system, don't hesitate tocontact usfor more information. It's far more awkward to get down than other models (it's too short). A2 Bikes; Browse; Kawasaki Z800E; Kawasaki Z800E can be ridden with an A2 licence. KAWASAKI Z800E used motorbikes and new motorbikes for sale on MCN. Please take into consideration the bike has completed over 12k miles, Buying experience: dealer experience was first class, Loads of vibration to the point where after 30 minutes of riding you have to stop or else you will never have children again.